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Casey House

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Casey House

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Services Inpatient, outpatient health care services, and community care for people living with advanced HIV/AIDS * education related to supportive and palliative care for persons living with HIV/AIDS, for care providers, professionals and students Inpatient: 24-hour care for treatment of illness and infection, as well as palliative, recovery and respite care Day health program: inter-professional goal-driven program to address and stabilize emerging health conditions, mental health and substance use- time limited program based on individual need and identified health goals, helps with early detection and screening for health problems Respite Care: people with HIV/AIDS may be admitted for a prebooked period of up to 2 weeks Home Care: For those who require supportive or palliative care services * capacity - 14 inpatient beds, 150 day health program

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  • Type - Health Services
  • Ages Serve - ALL
  • Gender Serve - ALL



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