Black Excellence Day Name Change Sparks Wider Conversation About Anti-Racism

According to the CBC, a movement that caught the attention of people across Canada in 2021 will once again be recognized — but this time, under a new name. 

What began as the Black Shirt Day movement is now being called Black Excellence Day, and it's sparking an important conversation about anti-racism and unity among various ethnic groups. 

Shortly after the inaugural Black Shirt Day on Jan. 15, 2021, the movement's name received some backlash from Vancouver's Jewish community.

"Black Shirt Day last year had great success ... however, it came to our attention that the term 'black shirt' was very traumatic for survivors of the Holocaust and survivors of fascism," said Kamika Williams, president of Ninandotoo Society.

After consultations with members of the Jewish communities the name has been charged to Black Excellence day and more than 20 schools districts will be participating this year.

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