Prime Luminisce Rwanda: A Celebration Of Rwandese Culture

 PRIME LUMINISCE Rwanda is a collective founded by Mike Rukundo and Dj Smith, with the purpose of creating a platform for the Rwandan diaspora community. It has become a beacon for Rwandese culture, art, and a celebration of Rwanda's independence.

Recently, PRIME LUMINISCE Rwanda hosted a showcase, which included performances by emerging music artists and poets, along with an exploration of cultural dishes. The performers ranged from musical talents to visual artists, all representing the unique vibrancy of Rwandan culture.

Among the music artists who showcased their talent were Manzi Fleury, Young CK, Dez Mugisha, Nkubito Micheal, Munyakazi Deo, Moses Mugisha, Kelly Ngarambe, and FURAHA. These artists provided a rich auditory experience, blending traditional Rwandan music with contemporary styles.

The poetry segment of the showcase featured moving performances by IREBE Laurette and Kelly Mutesi. Their eloquence and depth of storytelling captivated the audience and added a powerful layer to the celebration.

The visual arts were represented by Cyntia Kamali, who brought remarkable creative energy to the event. Her work added a visual intrigue that resonated with the audience and complemented the other artistic expressions.

In addition to the talents on display, the event was recognized with a certificate of recognition from Aris Babikian, Member of Provincial Parliament of Ontario, acknowledging PRIME LUMINISCE's efforts in celebrating Rwandan cultural heritage through arts.

This showcase wasn't just a series of performances; it was a vibrant celebration filled with music, poetry, and visual art, uniting all in attendance in a shared love for Rwanda.

For those interested in learning more about PRIME LUMINISCE Rwanda, exploring their initiatives, or engaging with the artists, you can visit their website at, or follow them on social media @prime_luminisce_rwanda.

PRIME LUMINISCE Rwanda stands as a reminder of the power of art, the beauty of tradition, and the unity that comes from shared heritage. It's a prime example of what can be achieved when love for one's culture is paired with the vision and dedication to see it flourish. It's more than a platform; it's a movement that embodies the spirit, resilience, and creativity of both the Rwandese community and the Rwandan diaspora community, and a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Rwanda.


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