Telling History, Making Art: How 2 Artists Are Exploring Heritage In P.e.i.

According to the CBC, two Charlottetown-based artists have each received arts grants to undertake projects that examine the importance of cultural heritage and contemplate personal identity, with one of them also unearthing some hidden history in Prince Edward Island. 

Teresa Kuo received a $5,000 provincial grant to direct and animate a seven-minute film which tells the story of a young Chinese woman who leaves her work life in the city, to move back home with her grandfather. This leads the woman to understand the importance of her cultural identity. 

Scott Parsons, another provincial grant recipient, will use his $6,000 to record an album that tells the story of prominent Black Islanders whose stories have been forgotten. For him, it's important to share their stories because they tell more than Black history, Parsons said.

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