This Community Paper Connects And Empowers Black Montrealers

According to the CBC, Gemma Raeburn-Baynes says if you only pay attention to what is in the mainstream media, you would be hard-pressed to believe anything good ever happens in Montreal's Black community.

"It's always negative!" says Raeburn-Baynes, who is originally from Grenada. "We have so many positive stories in our community that [are] not told."

Raeburn-Baynes, a community activist who spearheads the annual Spice Island Cultural Festival and many other events in Montreal's fashion and food scene, has been writing part-time for The Montreal Community Contact for 25 years.

The Contact, a biweekly newspaper and online resource, is a place where Black Montrealers can go to read positive, uplifting stories about what is happening in their community, Raeburn-Baynes said.

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