A Tax On The Unvaxxed Would Be Legally And Ethically Questionable — Even If It Worked

According to the CBC, the pandemic is now in its 23rd month and a highly contagious new variant is running rampant. Safe and effective vaccines are readily available and unvaccinated citizens are contributing disproportionately to a medical crisis that makes life harder and more dangerous for everyone.

So there are surely some — perhaps many — among the vaccinated who would like to see the unvaccinated suffer significant consequences for their intransigence, up to and including financial penalties. Ideally, such consequences also would minimize the number of people who remain unwilling to get the shot.

But however much Quebec's threat of a tax on the unvaccinated might appeal to feelings of frustration and desperation, it doesn't necessarily follow that Premier François Legault's proposal is the right way to go about confronting the problem.

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