"Client Care Comes First": Vive Fitness Lakeshore Gym Owner Talks About Running A Gym In A Pandemic

By Ashley Abdul
Video shot and edited by Selina McCallum
Graphics by Amisi

reminders to social distance and sanitize often are pasted all around vive fitness

reminders to social distance and sanitize often are pasted all around vive fitness

Over the course of the pandemic, many of us have been struggling to accomplish our day to day to do list, in the comfort of our own home, including, working out and staying fit. We met up with owner of Vive Fitness Lakeshore, Michael Savella, to explore his experience throughout the pandemic, and how both he and his gym have been coping.

Looking back into the history of Vive Fitness, Savella’s inspiration transpired from a lifetime of experiences where his path lead him to open the space. Growing up he was a dedicated athlete and he wanted to be able to continue to live that experience, and bring it to the community around him. 

As a gym owner, his dedication to providing young people with a space to be themselves, develop new skills, see them full of life, is something he admires most. Over the years, Vive has been a space where thousands of kids have been able to walk in and out, and call their second home. Savella has left his door open for kids age 6-16, to attend classes, exercise, and learn developmental skills. 

“We have put programs in place, to accommodate troubled youth…the idea is to have them come here and develop themselves as leaders.” He shared.

Savella shared that even before the pandemic hit, his number one prority is to provide clients with a high quality experience, within his state of the art space. On a regular day, this means checking in and going above and beyond to provide the best experience possible. However, now that the pandemic has hit, he now has to take it up a notch and be creative with his approach. 

“Adopting new strategies for instance we are on a rooftop right now… we have 8000 sq ft downstairs… we chose even though we are able to run classes downstairs, we aren’t going to. We are able to provide any kind of fitness class up here.”

Vive Fitness installed glass in all work out stations.

Vive Fitness installed glass in all work out stations.

Savella has ensured he provided protective glass so people are ensuring social distancing, sanitization spaces, air purifiers, and a new door system, to limit the amount of people in the space for the day.

Vive Fitness has taken their workout space to a level of high quality, at an affordable price. They have been able to work through the ‘barriers’ the pandemic has created to continue to provide a community within health and fitness. They have created a space where everyone can come in, feel comfortable, and achieve their goals with ease and excitement.

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