U.s. Removing Indigenous Racial Slur From Place Names, But Word Remains In Some Canadian Locations

WARNING: This article from the CBC discusses an offensive slur. CBC has chosen to use it once for context and censor it in later references.

According to the CBC, the U.S. Department of the Interior is looking to replace the names of more than 660 geographical locations across the country that use the derogatory word "squaw" in their titles.

This week, the department announced potential replacement names for the locations that use the term that it officially deemed derogatory late last year. A federal task force in the United States was created to help rename all of the locations using the offensive word. It has also replaced it in its communications with "Sq—." 

In Canada, there are 20 official names with the word still in use in a government database of geographical names, seven of which are in New Brunswick. 

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